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Discribble - Writers of the Disc

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  2013.01.29  16.27
Questions, Questions

I just joined and and I have 2 quick questions.

1 - As a group for Discworld writers - can we post the fruits of our labours her?
2 - As a group for Discworld writers - can we find beta readers here? It's so hard to find people familiar with the fandom and willing to beta stories for it. :-(

Anyway, I'm generally known as Cleo. I've been writing fanficton for about 20 years in different fandoms. I have 2 completed Discworld stories and two WIPs that are in need of beta readers and (hopefully) someone to bounce ideas off of.

So, what's your favourite Pratchett novel? I know tough question. But think about it. If you REALLY had to choose, which would it be?


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  2006.12.08  09.01


OK, I'm sure everyone knows about this ... but still --- Eric Bloodaxe.


  2006.08.04  11.40
RoundWorld LookAlikes ...


Go On, Clik'N The Miniature And Have A Look ...

Then Tell Me Whether I'm Wrong ...


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