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RoundWorld LookAlikes ...


Go On, Clik'N The Miniature And Have A Look ...

Then Tell Me Whether I'm Wrong ...


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It is amazing, but who are these people?
Well, I watch cricket, and I just sort of noticed their looks tallied so well with PTerry's people … the first one's Sourav Ganguly (from India), 2nd, Charles Coventry (of Zimbabwe), and the 3rd's Andre Nel, from South Africa.

They all are cricketplayers? heroes of PTerry's books are among us!!! As for me, I've seen few oldies, who look like Nunny...)))
Oh yes, all 3 cricket-players … The similarity in looks just kind of clicked in my mind … it was the similarity to Carrot that clicked first, then the other 2 …
That said, the personalities of the 1st and 2nd are very different, but the 3rd one seems to approximate Carrot by around … say 65% or so. *snort* Even throws his commas around a bit indiscriminately sometimes … *giggle* … He is, however, a brunet, and not a redhead.
*hoho* Have you read all PTerry's book's? You know, I've read some in english, but most were translated to russian, very talanted translated, there are some allusions to russian classic literature. But not all his books are published in Russia, it's a pity
Well, so far I've read nearly the lot … not all the Science-of-Discworld ones, though.
Actually, you can get them thru online, too … try morpheus